(Chapter 7) - Run!

by M.D Khamil
“You’re here!” said Luna excitedly when she saw Cinder came to the barn.
“I’m sorry am a bit late, I had to make sure that my family has already gone to the castle.” Replied Cinder.
“It’s okay, we’re understand.” Said Jack. “Now here’s the plan for tonight, Cinder, you must listen to this and follow exactly what we said. No need to be afraid, we will guide you from far, and we will not be seen. As we know already, the function started from nine o’clock in the evening and will end at two o’clock in the morning. That’s a five hours event. The ball will start at eleven and ended at half-past twelve in the midnight. You will enter the castle at half past eleven. And leave the event at twelve midnight.” Explained Jack.
“But that’s just thirty minutes of my time! How can I be noticed or make friends?” Cinder was kind of disagreed with the plan. She was just anxious.
“Cinder. Trust us on this. We know. This will change your life forever.” Jack reassured that Cinder was back on his track. She nodded and continued listening.
“During the event, do not tell your real name. Just create any names you like that you think sounds good on you. Do not tell anyone where you live, who’s your family or anything related to you. We will be hiding outside, waiting for you.”
“I understand.” Replied Cinder.
“Now Luna here will help you to put on your make ups, she’s very good at it. Now go to the back and see what magic lies ahead.”

The time almost hit eleven o’clock in the evening and Cinder and Luna hasn’t done with the make over yet.
“You two done yet?” yelled Jack.
“One moment please!” answered Luna.
“We have thirty minutes left before Cinder must enter the castle. Hurry up. I’ll wait outside and stop a transport if I could find one.”
“Okay Jack! Now Cinder one last touch, done! Come on and see how you look like.” Luna brought Cinder to a half cut barrel filled with water.
“Look at yourself from the water reflection.”
“Oh my, I look so different . . . I look so . . . Beautiful.” Cinder was tearing up, and thanked Luna for her help. Cinder wore her late mother’s gown, along with the jewels and shoes. She looked like a princess, a goddess beauty from heaven.
They went outside and saw Jack had caught a carriage. Jack was startled to look at Cinder. He was almost melting by her beauty, no words to describe, speechless.
“Jack what’s wrong? Looks like as if you’re seeing a ghost in front of us!”
“Nothing, Cinder looks really stunning!”
“Thank you Jack. Without Luna I won’t be this beautiful.”
“Shall we go now?” Jack smiled.
“Yes we shall.”

They arrived at the castle when the clock was five minutes left to hit half past eleven. They planned and hoped for the best and wished everything went smoothly.
“Cinder, remember what I said? Stick to the plan.”
“I remember Jack, don’t worry.” Cinder went upstairs to the entrance of the castle leaving Jack and Luna hiding outside. There were two guards keeping watch at the entrance door. They spotted Cinder and went upstair and the right guard greeted her, “Good evening ma’am, it seems that a bit late but the event is still on, do you have anyone come with you?” The right guard asked.
“Oh no, I’m just alone. No one’s with me. I had to do something important earlier and yes I’m very lucky to be able to attend the event tonight.” Replied Cinder. The left guard turned to talk to Cinder, “You look very beautiful ma’am, I’m pretty sure you’ll catch some attention inside.”
“Oh, thank you, you’re flattering me.” Cinder walked straight while the other guard opened the door to the castle. Cinder was now inside the castle, a massive sparkling crystal chandelier was seen hung beautifully bright on the ceiling decorated with gold flowery engraving. Nothing like what cinder have ever seen before. In front of Cinder there was another gigantic single stairs leading down floor to the ball room area. When Cinder went down through the stairs, every eyes in the room watched her every moves. She didn’t feel right about it. She’s nervous. Her heart beats faster. She tried looking for her stepmother and stepsisters from the stairs but couldn’t catch a glimpse of their sights. Far behind the room a prince was taken away with Cinder’s beauty. Her smiles, her hair, her lips, her eyes melted him away. He has never seen such beauty in his whole life. He slowly got up from his chair and walked toward Cinder.
“May I know who’s the beautiful lady in front of me right now?” The Prince was holding Cinder’s left hand and kissed on her diamond ring on her fore finger. Cinder remembered what Jack has told her to not let anyone knew her real name, including the prince himself.
“Alcott. Louisa May Alcott.”
“That’s a beautiful name. It sounds so soft and pure.” Cinder only smiled and the prince invited her to the dance floor. Time passed by so fast that Cinder almost forgotten that she must leave the castle at twelve midnight. She saw the big clock on the wall almost hit twelve and immediately released the prince’s embrace in their dancing.
“I’m sorry your highness I must go now.” Said cinder.
“Go? Where? It’s still too early and you just got here.”
“I have to go. There is something I must do. Goodbye now.” Cinder left the dance floor and hurriedly went upstairs to the entrance door. She could still hear the prince calling her name to stop.
“Louisa! Wait! Louisa!” The prince was obviously chasing her. Cinder was now running down the stairs of the castle’s entrance. She looked for Jack and Luna but she couldn’t find them and decided to run back home. Then Jack yelled, “Cinder what are you doing stop!” Cinder turned back and saw Jack and Luna was hiding next to the staircase.
“Cinder leave your shoe on the stairs!” shouted Luna.
“Why would I do that this is my mother’s shoes!” replied Cinder.
“Just do what she said!” Added Jack.
“Just one shoe or both pair?”
“JUST THROW THEM AWAY ON THE STAIRS!” Both Jack and Luna shouted. Cinder then threw her shoes though she didn’t want to do it. Then Cinder saw both Jack and Luna were glowing.
“Jack, Luna you’re both glowing!” Jack looked at his both hands. Yes he and his sister were glowing. Luna seemed to be freaked out.
“Jack! Why are we glowing?” She asked.
“I think it’s time.” Jack replied.
“Cinder, run! Go back home and change your clothes! Trust us! We’re going back home. To our world. Don’t worry you’ll be fine!” Cinder was in shocked but she thanked both Jack and Luna for helping her. Cinder saw both of them slowly disappearing dissolved in golden light and she ran back home in tears, tears of joy.
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