Caught in a spider's Web

by DavidBokolo

I glued my eyes to the fluttering tiny insect

As it buzzed across my
ears with its noisome

Tiny wing, flipping
brilliantly against the

Fading sunset on the western horizon


They came diving like
jets on a bombing run;

Two nondescript
spiders, swooping down on the

Hapless, fluttering
noisome creature that has

Helplessly got caught in the spiders’ snare


Helplessly, it was
tossed about the web

Its effort to fly
merely ends in one web Line

Or the other; and
between the exhilarating preys

Gradually it was
ferried away from its destination


It was powerless
against the ensnaring web

It was helpless
against those carnivores’ foes


Thus, like the
fluttering insect, I’d dotted

The white sheets with
words of my thoughts

Mourning the
enveloping darkness in a noonday

In our shore, and the
phobic evil pervading our world

In an unending
catastrophic mayhem and destruction

While mankind watch in
a stupefied silence


In the ensuing melee, I lost the center

of my foothold and
drifted awhile between

one dogma and some
realities as to the righteousness

of life

I got caught in a web
of a sort and drifted about;

A malady currently
prevalent in our land

Oh, how terrible to be
lost in an ensnaring web

in our land

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