by M.D Khamil
1.1 Captured

“Help me! Somebody help me! Please!” Casey shouted in hope that someone would hear her. But all of those effort were hopeless since she was brought deep into the wilderness where an old abandoned house was left deserted. She couldn’t do anything, her movement was limited. Her hands were tied to her back securely attached to a steel pole. Her legs were tied as well and all she could do was to stand and sit. Casey has been inside the house for almost ten days. Her kidnapper only visited her once a day to bring her food and drinks and some alone time for her to have a pee and shit, under her kidnapper’s watch.
There was no way for Casey to communicate with her friends or family. Her cell phone has been taken, plus, she’s deep in a remote place where reception won’t reach the area, unless she has a satellite phone. The man in the white mask never spoke to her since Casey was kidnapped. Casey been trying to make him talked why would she be his target, but only disappointment that she got, the man refused to talk.
Casey was the daughter of Mayor Frank Dover of San Francisco. Her father was rumored to be dealing with underground thugs, but he denied the accusation when a reporter from CNN asked him about the matter. The news of her missing daughter has been spread across the state and he has been making his speech public that anybody who found her daughter will get a reward of fifty thousand dollars. Everyone was working together to find her daughter but all of their efforts found a dead end. It was like she was gone, just like that. No trace, no anything.
“My baby, my baby girl . . . Find my daughter! Please Frank! Do something!” Frank’s wife, Katrina Dover was begging her husband to give her back her daughter.
“We tried the best we could, my dear, we will find her I promised you.”
“Don’t make a promise for things that are unsure!” She replied.
“We just need a few more days, the search team said that they found her cell phone thrown away to the side road of St. Patrick. She was brought to the mountains side. I’ve asked the president to give permission giving order to swat team and the army to work together in finding her. Everything will be fine. We will bring them down, whoever they are.”
Dark, cold and alone. Casey’s nights have been disastrous staying in the old house, she been hearing strange noises, bitten by mosquitoes, heavy rain left her chilling to the very inner bone. But she won’t give up on herself. She knew that she needed to be alive, she wanted to know the motive behind this kidnapping. The masked man hasn’t done anything to harm her, except for the slapped she received the first day they met. She was only kept, to be silence and treated like a home pet. It was very strange feeling for Casey. What did he want from her? Ransom? Glamour? Rank? It was a question that kept Casey wondering. If only she could make him talk to her.

1.2 The Night Before She Was Captured

“Lily! You’re so sick! How the hell can you do that to Peter? He’s a nice guy! If you don’t want him then hand him to me!” said Casey playing angry, when the truth she was mocking her best friend that she was actually jealous of her.
“Oh come on! Like you never slept with other guys before, when you still have your David?” Lily shot her back.
“Oh please! Don’t say his name ever again. He was a total asshole! I gave him chances but he lose it, there’s no way I’m staying with someone who dates my enemy behind my back.”
“You mean Stella.” Said Lily.
“Yeah that bitch worth much cheaper than those prostitutes in Smith Street.”
“Hello! She’s a model, with a clap of a hand she gets everyone she likes.”
“Do this face looks like I care she’s a model? That suits her right. A trashy model and an idiot rich guy who never finished high school.” Both Casey and Lily laughed to the jokes while enjoying their wine. Casey had just passed age restriction on mature stuff, that she turned 21 in May 18th. She was drunk that night, but half concious. Lily has been knocked out by the alcohol she was drinking and was sleeping soundly on the club’s red couch, snoring like an animal.
Last thing Casey remembered at the club was, she was walking to the woman restroom when someone suddenly grabbed her left arm and lift her up. She couldn’t do anything or fight back, instead she just let herself being carried away by the stranger. She was too drunk to fight back and fall asleep. It came to her shock when she woke up the next day to find out that she was tied to a steel pole. Screaming and shouting all day long for help but none was coming except for the kidnapper.
“Be a good girl, and you wont get hurt.” Said the masked man. Casey spit on her mask instead.
“Pakk!” A slap landed on her left cheek.
“Eat.” He said.
“No! Let me go!”
“Pakk!” Another slap landed.
“Eat. Or you’ll die starving.” The masked man left her for a while and came back after an hour.
“I need to use the bathroom.” Said Casey. The masked man didn’t reply but brought her to settle her wish. After she was done, she was tied back to the steel pole.
“Thank you.” Said Casey. The masked man didn’t say anything and left her alone till the next day they met again. The same thing took place everyday under his watched. Casey was worried about her mother, she knew she’s the one to be freaked out so easily when something happened to her. Lily. How was Lily? Casey prayed that she’s okay and didn’t receive the same fate as she was, now. Eventually Casey got tired, crying her self to sleep, thinking if someone would ever came to her rescue.

1.3 Phone Call

Frank was sleeping peacefully when her wife hit him on his chest.
“How can you sleep so well? My daughter is missing! My daughter is missing!”
“Kat stop! Stop! Please relax! They’re trying their best looking for her, days and nights. We should wait a little more time.” Frank comforted his wife while rubbing his chest to ease the pain from his wife’s attacked.
“What if she’s dead Frank? What if she’s dead?”
“She won’t. You hear me? She won’t.”
“She’s my only child and I love her very very much. I can’t bear losing her. I can’t give you babies because of my illness. I want my daughter back!”
“I know. And I promise I’ll bring her back to you. Now please get some sleep and rest. I love you dear.” Frank kissed her wife on her forehead and hold her in his arms in the bed.
The next day Frank tried to make contacts with the search and rescue team in the mountains but the result was the same. Nothing. No trace of someone or anything in the isolated area. Even the dogs couldn’t get any scent of her daughter in the mountains.
“Ring! Ring!” Suddenly his phone rang. The screen showed it’s a private number. He answered the phone.
“You’ve found the phone? She’s not there. Stop the useless search. You won’t find her there.”
“Who are you?” Frank waved his hand to the guy who’s in charge with phone calls detection and signaled to record the conversation.
“Someone you have known quite well. An old friend.”
“I don’t know who you are or what you’re up to, I need to talk to my daughter to make sure that she’s safe.”
“No need to worry about that, she’s fine under my protection.”
“What do you want? Money? I can give you anything what you want! A car, a boat, a house just say it!”
“I’ve already got what I want Frank. And she’s already here with me. The phone, it was just a decoy to divert your attention and those people you set out to look for her.”
“Tell me where you are now!”
“I’ll call you again. We will meet soon. Something to be celebrated merrily for our first reunion.”
“You’re a mad man! Don’t . . .” The man hung up the phone.
“Shit!” Frank walked towards the man who recorded the phone call.
“Did you get the location?”
“Yes, he made the phone call from Singapore.”
“Singapore? The hell that’s so far away!”
“Don’t worry sir, I think he’s using some sort of a hack program the same as those who uses virtual private network to be anonymous. He’s still here, he just want to confuse you.”

1.4 Reunion

“Meet me at an old house near to a waterfall at Bluebell’s wood.” The man hung up the phone.
One of the search and rescue team came forward and asked the mayor.
“Sir should we go along with you?”
“No. He wants me to go alone. This is family matters.”
“He wouldn’t know. We’ve got the best snipers to take him out while you confront him.”
“He’s not an idiot. He’ll know if I brought backup. He’s an old friend of mine and he’s an ex-elite russian secret agent.”
“For real?”
“Yes, but don’t worry. I have something in mind. How many drones do you have?”
Frank arrived at the place his old friend told him. An old house near to a waterfall. It was dark and cold. It looked like as if Frank was walking alone on his own in the dark wood but four drones were actually hovering high above him as company. He got to the front door while the four drones safely hidden high above the air. Frank opened the door slowly and it produced a creepy creaking sound. With only the help of a candle light on a table, Frank saw her daughter tied to the steel pole.
“Casey!” He shouted.
“Dad!” she replied and started to cry. “I thought no one ever gonna find me!”
“It’s okay now sweety, daddy’s here.”
“Well, well, well. Isn’t it the famous Mayor Frank Dover!” The masked man came out from nowhere.
“Do not try anything stupid. You know how fast I am with guns.”
“Charming. I’ll never forget.” Frank replied. “What do you want?”
“What do I want? Well that’s the fun part. The same question all over again when you already know what I desired since the very first day you took everything away from me. Let's get to the point Frank. Tell her the truth.”
“Tell me what dad? What is he talking about?” Casey replied. Frank was hesitating.
“Tell her or I put the bullet between her eyes.” The masked man insisted.
“You’re not my daughter Casey. We adopted you.”
“By force. Don’t forget that.” Added the masked man.
“What? Dad there’s no time for jokes, come on let me out of here.”
“It’s not a joke Casey. I’m not your father. And my wife isn’t your mother. Your mother can’t give birth, she had an ovary cancer and had it removed by operation. We took you away from him. He’s your real father. Jonathan Sokolov.”
“No! Nooo!”
The masked man opened his masked and revealed his scarred face.
“Look at my face Casey, your fake father did this to me and got your mother killed while trying to run for you, to have you back. They shot her to the head. I was able to escape, thanks to my skills I acquired all those years. Frank Dover accused me spying for Russia and betrayed the U.S government. All just because he want to seek revenge against me, because Mikaela didn’t love him, your real mother.”

1.5 The End Game

“Dad is that really true? What he was saying?” Asked Casey to her father, the Mayor. Frank didn’t answer the question, instead he was breaking up.
“I’m sorry Casey, I regretted all my wrong doings! But trust me your mother and I loves you very much.”
“After all this time?” Casey was tearing up, back lied to the steel pole. Helpless, hurt. The feeling inside hurts. The truth hurts. “I knew something wasn’t right when I was in my early teenagers. I look different than the others. The colour of my hair and eyes isn’t the same like you. Why are you doing this dad?” asked Casey.
“I love you sweety, and that’s the most important thing!”
“Important? You’re being selfish dad. You destroyed other people’s life for your own good.” She replied.
Jonathan Sokolov came to his daughter Casey and untied her.
“I’m sorry Josephine, I didn’t come to take you back earlier with me. How I missed you so much.”
“Josephine?” Casey was stunned with the name.
“It was your real name your mother and I gave you.”
“Father.” Said Casey to Jonathan.
“Come with me my daughter, I can’t live without you. It’s been years I’ve been suffering from this pain. You look so much like your mother.”
Then suddenly, “Bang!”
Jonathan Sokolov was shot to the heart by the drone from the outside through a window.
“Noooo! Noooo!” Casey screamed. Jonathan fall helplessly to the floor. Blood was oozing fast from his wound. Casey was screaming mad and losing herself control. Sadness, sorrow, heart break, despair it was like her hope was shattered to smithereen. Frank came to her daughter and embraced her in his arms. Casey pushed Frank to the side and came forward to the dead body of his real father. She whispered something to his hear.
“I know there was something special about you when you kept me here all these days. The way you took care of me and keep me safe. I thought I heard you cried behind that masked few days ago and I knew something was troubling you. I love you dad. Please tell mommy I love her too and send my regards to her.” Casey cried and cried until the rescue team came to their rescue.

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