A Solemn Call to The Faithfuls

by DavidBokolo


The echoes of the worldly applause,

in loud and strident sound, beclouds

him that by benevolent deed has broken

the barriers to fame and reckoning;

deafening the soft and whispering tone

of the Supernal Love expressed in

Seraphic Hymns and Psalteries.


The splendor of worldly possession

weighs upon the soul oppressively;

that the caution, not loving these above

the whispering tone of the Supernal love,

that’s been expressed in Prophetic hymns

and Psalteries are left unheeded to:

thus, man gloatingly slips into damnation.


Lofty height that he had attained treacherously,

and allowed by Divine permissive acceptance,

have goaded the man to hang onto his castle in the air

assumption of infallibility, disdaining the Word

that’s been expressed in Supernal love floating

in the Light as hymns and Psalteries; sung by the saints

in monasteries and blowing in the airwaves.


The world does not hearken to the strident

silent Love that’s been expressed in

Angelic Hymns and Psalteries, for dread

in losing the worldly applause and the

vain Splendour attained in her lofty height;

and prefer to thread in the dark,

despising the Light in its Divine splendor.


Hence, we seemly to grope into a dark precipice;

and evil threatens to pervade every land and cline.

Despair not, all you sons of Divine inheritance;

all you that bear the wondrous tale of Love:

for you bear great tidings of a brighter hope.


The night will soon be done,

and the darkened shadows of evil will be gone;

for even now there is a glowing on the horizon,

beckoning on the pilgrim faith to stay.






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