A Perfect Dinner Date


On a winter night,

Between the shades of dark and light,

When the ball of flame finally went to bed

And the night  sky dressed in a glitter of stars spread,

In his grey shirt, he looked so hot,

Yeah, There he is, the conqueror of my soul and  heart.

His eyes so sharp and smile so bright

He grabbed my waist and held me tight

Holding my hands, he looked at my face

His eyes told  he
could love me in million ways.

I was gazing at him without a blink,

And finally, with my man I had my first drink.

Every time I fall, for the dimple on his chin

He never fails to 
stand by my side in thick and thin.

Oh so bright!!the silver pearl shine

He gently pushed his lips over mine.

He kissed my neck with his gentle breath

It was the best feeling I’ve ever found on earth.

The moon blushed in black,

Wondering, how a man could be so romantic.

Lots of hugs and kisses unplanned,

With happiness my feet lifted from the land.

As the spring opens its first rose,

His touch opened me up petal by petal.

Every gentle touch,

Quenched the love for which I was starving so much

Like a leaf stuck in storm, I swirled in his hands so high

He took me to the heaven under the starry sky.

He proved every single second was worth the wait

And finally it was a perfect dinner date..




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