A Mistake..

by Arishah Ashfaq
Hey! Yeah! You there..
Just listen to this..
Its all about his..
No matter what.. I still..
Still wanna be in your arms...
Make you smile day and night..
Hold your hand and forget the fight..
You be the only reason why I'm living
Why I breathe and dont even want a shilling.
Forget it all we can be friends again..
And if we not .. What will happen then?
It's not all about love..
It has its kinds.. Multiply or divide
Just be mine.. For i cannot share..
Babe its not even a dare..
So just be mine..
For we have no time..
And even if you forget..
I will never have a regret.
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The brain welcomed its heart ❤

The brain welcomed its heart ❤
by Arishah Ashfaq

True love is something which makes a person strong yet true love takes no time to become someone's weakness. The control of mind by someone's heart can either give you the happiest moments of your life or destroy you forever.

The Dark Night

The Dark Night
by Arishah Ashfaq

Looking at the sky..
I never felt so sad..
Of all those shattered clouds.....

~`•Take me away with the wind•`~

~`•Take me away with the wind•`~
by Arishah Ashfaq


I'm sick and tired of the shit going around the town.....