A Lament Of The Lambs


Huddled in prayer the words rushing over each other

Take away this teary cup they beseech their creator

With death all around they do in earnest they pray

The Most High they pay all their obeyance to ELOHIM

The spirit crieyeth out aloud deal with us your heirs Abba

The innocent blood they beg one Most High fathom flowing

Is there not one Rabbi to stand in the gap mighty Redeemer

Remember our supplication for we have sinned Father

Cast us not off to the fires for the Great Lion overcame all

The Lamb Who was slain that the Elect might gain entry....

To the esteemed throne of Mercy its reprieve in tears

A cup of tears partaken as a world totters in darkness

In tatters the elect trust till-in that rugged cross of ages

Send your glory at dawn let Chekinah cover the land

Like a cloud at dawn A Mercy from Your Lord manifest

Showers of blessings falling rejuvenating in them hope

Cover up our senses Ooh Most Holy One we beseech

Lest we see the Angel of wrath and fall dead in fright

Mika-el do see the smear of blood on our doorposts

Pass over us let us eat of them bitter herbs once more

Slaughter a Passover goat let us this day recall forever

Made you a distinction and touched not the Oil this day

Saying to princes of the earth leave them My anointed

Let My people enjoy more for how long will they weep

All day teary-eyed yet nations offering them no reprieve

Myriads of Holy Ones seen waiting on a people besieged..

The world stumbles they calling the viral weapon Covidity

Where did we go so wrong most repent not angst they are

Who wields such a powerful sword it now parts them waters

A crazed cabal talking depopulate agenda the world shudders

Stamp on the head of the serpent My LORD we do now pray

A bitter cup of tears they partake world-over in all places

Is that the voice of Rachel i do hear Ooh one Most High

Weeping for her unborn ones snatched from the womb

Cataclysms when them floods come spare us... Mika-el...

When the fires are relighted all over seven score times...

A reprieve we pray remember not our many transgressions

As long as there is a new dawn from east then west

And five moons do not arise men falling from fright

Harvest planting a promise to them flowers... Maua

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