a childhood crush of age 10

by zebatanveer

One day the
bus driver left all the students and only arjun and sanam were left in the bus

Arjun asked
sanam slowly “ why don’t you talk to me ? “ to this sanam’s eyes became wide
then arjun smiled and asked “ I mean do I look 
like an alien to you from another planet “ and winked at her . To this
sanam replied “Its nothing like that , its just I am not used to “ and smiled .
Then arjun shyly asked by giving a friendship forever book with a yellow rose and
asked    “ can we be friends ? “  to this sanam’s expression changed and then
she turned her face to other side. There was silence for  few minutes. Arjun thought inside “ I
shouldn’t have asked her like this” and then sanam’s stop came but before going
downstairs she saw arjun’s face and replied shyly “ yes we can be friends“ to
this arjun got very happy and gave her yellow rose and the book and both shake

After some
days  arjun went to another country for

Years passed
by . Sanam joined a college for pursuing MBA but she did not knew arjun was his
batchmate too. They became very close friends. In every tasks and projects they
do it together. They didn’t even knew that they have an another relation too.

One day they
have to perform a seminar. They both performed the seminar . After the seminar arjun
fastly went to his house as he was not well but forgot her cell with sanam.
Sanam kept it with her and thought will give him tomorrow. She went and had
dinner and was going to sleep then she sees arjun’s cell and thought of seeing
pics. She opened his gallery and was smiling while seeing his pics then she saw
one pic  which made her eyes wet . It was
hers when she was 10. She faslty went to her cupboard and took out her secret
box and took out the book in which the dried yellow flower was still kept as it
was . She kissed the book a lot and slept by hugging the book. The next day she
gave arjun his cell back and asked him “ can I ask you something ? “ arjun replied
“ yes ask ” she showed the pic from his cell and asked “ who is this ?“. He
smiled and stood  and said “ this is the
first girl I loved, the love of my life” listening to this sanam got shocked
and asked “so, did you proposed her ?“ . He replied “no…if I had proposed her she
would not accept my love. She was a decent girl . her innocent face make me
fall in love with her when ever I used to see her. If I had proposed her she
might stop talking to me , so I kept quite” He paused and said “ I asked for
friendship so she accepted me as a friend so at that time I clicked this pic .
And this pic means a lot to me… that’s all” and turned to sanam. Sanam’s eyes
were wet . Tears were falling from her eyes. Arjun asked “ why are you crying
sanam? “ she replied “ you could have atleast tell me your feelings to me …. I
too had a crush on you “ ( and started to cry). Arjun said “one minute …..one
minute ……crush on me ?. I didn’t got you ?” sanam replied while crying “ yes …I
too LOVED you idiot” and she took out the book and gave to him . He was totally
shocked how to react and went through pages and saw the  dried yellow flower too, and his eyes got
moist with tears… then they expressed their feelings and hugged each other

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