3 Poems About Mental Health

by midnight_poesy

I'd Rather Be in Hell

Right now
I'd rather be in hell
than in my own mind
I'd rather burn inside a volcano
than face my own thoughts
I'd rather be a stone
than a walking human
It's a circus
and it's all in my head

It's a jungle too big
and I can't clear it
I'm turning into one of them
the ones with a broken heart
and a bombarded mind
you don't see them walking
the streets too often.

Unwanted Tales

My insecurities are mine,
they live with me in usual ways,
they creep through my nostrils
into my mind
and talk to me in many languages.

They convince me of failure,
of lost love
or broken dreams,
even of trust, which I cannot 
shell out to my closest ones.

They fill the quiet night,
and in dead silence, they walk
and on the stage of my life
they perform a drama 
of unwanted tales.

Wet Crow

Like a wet crow I sit here
Dreaming of fantastical lands
Far away in the corner of the world
A desert, a sea and a mountain calls

At the centre of a circle I stand
Stretching out my lonely hand 
Only to see mirages
Or waves, who at the feet fall

I dream of a far country
Living a crooked life
Out of sand they build their homes
And clouds come knocking at their doors

Like a fallen angel I lie
My wings thwarted into the ground
Cigarettes after cigarettes burn
And black tar I bleed.

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